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University: Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki
Name of sponsoring Professor:
Ioannis Marmorkos
Department: School of Technological Applications, Department of Electronics



Wireless Mesh Networking Research Group

Main areas of activities include:

      • Scalable WMN Architectures
      • Cross-Layer Routing Metrics
      • WMN Routing Protocol Development & Modeling
      • Testbest Development
      • Municipal & Vehicular Applications


Postgraduate Projects:

1. Modeling and Evaluate Routing Protocols for Wireless Mesh Networks

The main focus of this project is the performance evaluation and modeling of AODV and OLSR over large-scale static wireless multihop municipal area networks. A layered/hierarchical architecture is proposed and tested under different traffic scenarios using both protocols and a number of different routing metrics.

2. Sensor Networks Using IEEE802.15.4 Technology

ZigBee is a standard for very low-cost, very low power consumption, low-rate and short-range networking. ZigBee operation will be demonstrated in Opnet including all supported devices (coordinator, router, end device). An analysis of throughput and delay will be introduced.

3.Performance Testing for MAC layer in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Network

In this project the performance characteristics of IEEE 802.11 MAC for dedicated short range vehicle-to vehicle  communications will be demonstrated through simulations using OPNET. Based on simulation results the student will try to suggest ways to improve layer-2  protocol for vehicle-to vehicle  communications.

4. Performance Analysis of 4G Wireless Standards

OFDM will be the foundation of 4G mobile communications. In this dissertation 4G characteristics are examined and a comparative study of OFDM, FHSS and DSSS is introduced through various OPNET simulations.

5. Testing of Transport Protocols for DVD-like Video Transmission in a Wireless Network

The problem of unicast transmission of DVD-like video streaming through a wireless network will be studied. In particular, the question of which transport protocol to choose in the noisy wireless environment will be addressed. It is clear that the connectionless nature of UDP introduces no further delays but has no flow and error control like TCP. The later functions are very useful in a wireless environment for video transmission. Through simulations the performance characteristics of TCP will be compared to those of UDP for unicast video  transmission.

Postgraduate Teaching:

Ethernet and WLAN lab projects within the M.Sc. program on Wireless Communication Systems.



Undergraduate Projects :

1. Modeling and Implementation of Prototype IPv6 Network

2. Transition Policies and Coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6 Networks

3. Comparable Study and Modeling of Interior Gateway Routing Protocols RIPng and OSPFv3

4. Modeling and Evaluation of Mobile IPv4 Protocol

5. Comparable Study of MANET Routing Protocols

Undergraduate Teaching:

Computer Networks & Networking Media is an introductory course in the seventh semester of undergraduate studies curriculum. The course covers most of the basic design issues for modern IP networks. Lectures are supported through a number of OPNET laboratories in areas as:

      • Ethernet LANs & Switching
      • Wireless LANs
      • Network Design
      • Routing & Routing Protocols
      • UDP / TCP Performance Evaluation



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