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Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITh)

Department of Electronic Engineering 
P.O. Box 141
57400 Thessaloniki

Tel.: +2310 013 621
Fax: +2310 791 132
E-mail: infoel@teithe.gr

Main PageAdministration

The Department Administration for the academic year 2016-2017 is:

Head of the Department: Kazakopoulos Aristotelis, Professor

General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Department consists of the academic staff, a representative of the technical staff and a representative of the students. The Chairman of the General Assembly is the Head of the Department. Currently, the General Assembly consists of the following members:

Bamnios Georgios, Professor

Kioskeridis Iordanis, Professor

Marmorkos Ioannis, Professor

Papakostas Dimitrios, Professor

Kazakopoulos Aristotelis, Professor

Ioannidou Melina, Associate Professor

Iosifidis Athanasios, Associate professor

Tzekis Panayotis, Associate Professor

Bizopoulos Aristotelis, Laboratory Professor

Hatzopoulos Argyrios, Laboratory Professor

Giakoumis Aggelos, Laboratory Professor

Manavis Christos, Laboratory Professor 

Spasos Michail, Laboratory Professor

Abatzis Zafirios, Technical staff representative:

One student cvs representative

Student Association

The association was named Student Association of the Department of Electronics in 1981, when the Department was integrated into the K.A.T.E.E. and subsequently into the Alexander T.E.I.-Th. The special interests of the Association lie in education matters such as courses, exams, curriculum, labs e.t.c. The Association undertakes to handle these matters in cooperation with the Department Academic Staff. It also organizes series of lectures, athletic meetings, educational trips, and other activities. The Student Association is formed every year, following the student elections in the spring semester and consists of a board of nine students.

Department Secretariat

Secha Eleni (in charge of administrative matters)

Theodoridou Chrysanthi (in charge of student matters)

The office is open to the public from 11:00 to 13:00, daily.

Address of the Department

Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki

Department of Electronic Engineering

P.O. Box 141

57400 Thessaloniki

e-mail of Secretariat : infoel@teithe.gr

Webpage of the Department : http://www.el.teithe.gr/?Language=EN

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