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Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITh)

Department of Electronic Engineering 
P.O. Box 141
57400 Thessaloniki

Tel.: +2310 013 621
Fax: +2310 791 132
E-mail: infoel@teithe.gr

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Internet services lab (NAUTILUS)

The NAUTILUS lab provides services of internet communications and network entertainment for the students of the Department of Electronic Engineering. The NAUTILUS internet lab includes:

• 35 terminals (complete PC systems and 20" TFT monitors),

• two 52" monitors for watching environmental - ecological and high technology themes from Blu-ray Discs,

• a projector for colour presentations at a 2.80 x 1.40m screen and

• a complete photocopying and printing system for black- white and colour photocopying, printing and scanning of documents and images with the use of prepaid cards.

Operation schedule:

NAUTILUS is open from 11/09/2007 and all business days during the academic year.  Working hours : Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.


All students have access to the terminals of NAUTILUS using the user name and password, provided by the Department, to access all the website services as e-learning, forum, grades etc.

Attention is required before exiting the terminals: in order to disconnect properly and protect personal data, such as e-mail, double click the "Exit" sign at the desktop. 

A prepaid card may be bought from the venting card machine in NAUTILUS; its cost is 1.5€ for 50 black / white photocopies or 25 color photocopies. The venting machine accepts only coins of 1€ and 50 or 20 or 10 cents.

Inserting the prepaid card in the printing or in the copying machine initiates the procedure. 


Smoking and consumption of food and liquids  is strictly forbidden.

Wireless LAN in the Department of Electronic Engineering (Wi-Fi)

In the Department of Electronic Engineering, at the Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, a Wireless LAN has been installed, since 2006. The WLAN is operating at 2.4 - 2.4835GHz using the standards IEEE 802.11b and IEEE802.11g. The maximum communication data rate is 54Mbps. The WLAN provides internet access through any compatible communication protocol. The WLAN can be accessed by desktop computers, laptops, netbooks and handheld devices such as PDAs, mobile phones etc. The services provided are internet exploring, file swapping, communications and downloading of educational and informative data.

The connection is established automatically through the APs (Access Points) installed in dedicated spots of the building. All services are provided free of charge.

Browser setup to access the WLAN

Network Infrastructure

The students of the Department may be connected to the Internet through a Local Area Network (LAN). The network is
constituted by 400 terminals (20 -25 terminals at each laboratory). The terminals are connected to the server of the Department named Titana. The server is connected to the main frame of the ATEI Thessaloniki, which is located at the Department of Informatics, through optical fibers. The maximum communication data rate is 200Mbps.
Every student may request a personal account to access the network. The account is given to the student at the N.O.C. of the Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki. Moreover, the account provides access to the internet through a dial-up connection for students living outside the campus. The users are also provided with services of e-mail, webpage and ftp.

Departments Webpage

Services provided by the Department's Webpage:
  • The Students are fully informed via the announcements of the Professors, the Secretariat, the students association and the webpage and network administration.
  • The announcements are posted and renewed  by the authors. 
  • The students can  access their grades database and the current semester course statement.
  • The website forum is used for discussion among the students and the teachers of the Department.
  • The students can post their own announcements
  • The students may access the dissertation files


E-learning is a web tool for the students and the professors providing asynchronous learning services at the Department of Electronic Engineering.
The e-learning tool has been funded by the program  "
Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training", funded by EPEAEK II. The capabilities provided are:
  • educational and informative electronic material for every course.
  • two way communication between students and professors of the Department.
  • database of terms used in lectures
  • database of data sheets and electronic elements.
All students may obtain a personal account to access the webpage services from the secretary of the Department during their registration.


The Library of Alexander TEITh aims at providing services and collections in order to meet the academic research and recreational information needs of its community (students, academic and administrative staff). All students of the Department have access to the main library of the Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, which is located at the main building of the Campus. The collection of the Library consists of more than 14.000 books and 250 scientific journals. Moreover, it offers a variety of services on line. It is open daily (Monday-Friday): 8:00-15:00, whereas it is closed on holidays.

Career Office

The Career Office of Alexander T.E.I. of Thessaloniki serves the needs of the Institute’s graduates. It is aiming at connecting the Institute with the needs of a contemporary open market. Its main objective is to inform anyone interested (students, graduates, employers etc) of educational issues and employment opportunities. It is gathering, filtering and transferring information for any issue that could assist the professional careers of students and graduates of Α.Τ.Ε.Ι.Th. It cooperates with many businesses and it offers accessibility to the Α.Τ.Ε.Ι.Th. graduates to occupy professional positions. Moreover, it supports the Office of Practical Training. The Career Office is located at the ground floor of the SEYP building.


The students of the Department may participate at the sports of their choice:
Football (men), Basketball (men and women), Volleyball (men and women), Chess, Gymnastics, Archery, Shooting, Tennis, Swimming, Autonomous dive, Ski, Martial arts (AIKIDO, SUIBUKAN) and Body training.

Student Care

The students of the Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki may apply for:
  • Scholarships. Everyone who achieved best results at the preliminary entrance examinations or during his studies has the right to apply.
  • Interest-free loans. The essential condition is that the student has achieved  the 4/5 of the total courses at two semesters of study. It must be added that the familial and state is examined. Moreover, the student's financial state is mainly examined along with the family state.
  • Financial support, participation at research groups etc.

                Moreover the students of the Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki may be provided with:

  • Free meals at the restaurant of the Campus and at "Agrabeli" Restaurant located at the center of the city of Thessaloniki (43 Vas. Olgas str.)
  • Free residence, for students only, may be provided in the campus (tel: 2310 791147). In order, for a student, to be selected, the criteria are financial and social. An application, a birth certificate, a family certificate, an annual financial report of the family, two photographs and a personal statement (Law: 1599/1986) are required for student selection.
  • Free of charge medical and pharmaceutical care. The doctor's office of the Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki is open everyday from 08:00 to 18:00 with doctors and nurses.
  • Military enlistment postponement
  • 25% discount at transportations.

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